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Atul Pathare

Partner, Architect

Architect and designer, Atul Pathare has a latitude of experience on several projects across the Asian and North American continents over the past three plus decades. They include large scale international and domestic projects ranging from airports, theme parks, healthcare facilities and campus facilities to a major NBA arena and a minor league baseball field.

Atul decided to narrow his focus on residential and commercial projects with Team 2 Architecture + Design. He found his true passion in the design of these building types with their own set of challenges and the close client interaction required at every stage of the process.

He has an undergraduate degree in architecture and a graduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, he pursued his design exploration under the tutelage of eminent Post Modernist Charles Moore.

Atul is a registered architect licensed to practice in the State of California since 1994.


Shilpa Pathare

Founder, Designer

Shilpa Pathare founded the firm after years of experience working in the Bay area on high end residential and commercial projects. Prominent amongst the projects she worked on were La Fiesta Square in Lafayette and The Village in Corte Madera. With  her entrepreneurial inclinations and a couple of small residential renovation projects in hand, she founded the firm two decades ago.

She has an undergraduate degree in architecture and a graduate degree in Interior Design and Building Sciences from Virginia Tech. She has two publications to her credit. Her graduate work was published in the Journal of Interior Design Education and Research and a competition entry in the publication, Kitchen and Bath Design.


t: 925.518.7284

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