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Scope of Services


Our services include comprehensive design solutions ranging from the ground up new single-family homes to the renovation, addition, and remodel of existing homes. Our design services offer the flexibility of either our exclusive architectural design services or the full range `one stop’ service to include structural, civil and energy compliant design.

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in homeowners seeking to add an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Several of our new projects have incorporated this feature and we have piled up the required experience to procure approvals from different jurisdictions and counties.

We realize as a design firm, that we have a role to play in environmental stewardship and we take that responsibility to heart. Sustainability has been the focus in all our recent projects, with an aim to strive for a zero net energy design.

Services offered:

  • Preliminary Site visit to evaluate potential options and define scope of work.

  • Assistance in setting realistic goals aligned with the budget.

  • Preparation of as-built drawings for the renovation or remodel of existing homes.

  • Conceptual and schematic design. Phasing and design options explored to conform with each client’s budget allocations.

  • Local zoning and code analysis as related to the specific project.

  • Presentations to City Planning and Design review committees.

  • Building Permit and Construction Documentation.

  • Construction Administration.


Our commercial portfolio includes design and approvals for Retail Plazas, Day Spas, Medical Spa, and a veterinary clinic.

The Retail Plaza projects include two projects.

  • Ten thousand square feet overall retail development with an additional Anchor of eight thousand square feet.

  • A two story forty-two thousand square feet development with retail at the street level and commercial office space on the upper level.

Services offered:

  • Full design and planning approvals.

  • Providing retail design criteria for retail units.

  • Code analysis for compliance with access/egress and fire life safety requirements.

  • Landlord/tenant improvements of commercial retail spaces.

  • Construction documentation to include multi-disciplinary coordination with mechanical, plumbing, and electrical disciplines.

  • Permit approvals and construction administration.


Interior Design services provided fall under two categories:


Kitchen and Bath Design to include various design options, fixture selection and procurement. Integration of the fixtures and equipment within the designed millwork and cabinetry. Space modulation through lighting design.


Interior design of retail spaces to include overall wall and ceiling finishes, custom millwork, casework and overall lighting and signage coordination.

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