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Oakland Residence

Oakland, California

Area: 4,500 SF

Built in the Mediterranean style on the hills of Oakland, the project presented major challenges from a steep uphill site and the potential for major erosion and water runoff.

The house is built on four levels terracing up the site. The garage occupies the street level and the main entry at the next level leads into a rotunda that provides access to the upper levels around a flight of grand stairs.

The third level up from the street with a view down the canyon houses the living room, family room, kitchen with a butler’s pantry and the dining area. The top level comprises the private quarters with the Master Bedroom Suite and the other two bedrooms with again vistas to the canyon below.

Besides being a planning challenge, the structural system had to navigate the steep grade with thick concrete retaining walls, one of which had to rise eighteen feet with outriggers pinning it laterally into the hillside. 

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