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Pleasant Hill Residence

Pleasant Hill, California

Area: 3,000 SF

The brief from the Owner for this project was a complete remodel of their existing house of about 1400 square feet to expand their living spaces and better utilize their 0.3 acre lot. Having their roots in Mexico, the very early requirement for the design was a `Hacienda’ style living. The courtyard became a focus of planning and also the inside-outside space between the private living quarters and the backyard. A two way fireplace further accentuates that relationship. A minimalist fountain adorns this simple courtyard.

The traditional vocabulary of the hacienda continues to the interior in a more contemporary setting with a `Great room’ that opens up the interiors and integrates with the kitchen/dining spaces providing an ideal setting for entertaining guests. The great room, Master bedroom suite and the walkway to the bedrooms, provide a continuous visual link to the courtyard.

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